“Modern Love” – David Tutera visits Western Massachusetts and the Log Cabin

Just ten days ago, David Tutera headlined a group of wedding planners in Western Massachusetts in an event titled “Modern Love”. The night started with a panel discussion, continued with break-out sessions with David and three other wedding planners, and continued through the night with some delicious food samples from Mick and his staff at The Log Cabin.

David Tutera lived up to the billing, as the host of “My Fair Wedding” was personal, charismatic and most impressively passionate about his trade. His facial gestures and comments dictated much of the panel session, and his breakout session had the entire Southampton Room on the edge of their seat. David’s top advice was to create a wedding that is a journey. A journey that is about the bride and groom. He continuously spoke about including elements throughout the wedding planning process right through the last dance of the reception that told a story or carried a theme.

David took numerous questions from the crowd and answered each one completely and honestly, keeping curious attendees on their toes. The signature moment of the night came when one bride-to-be broke down in tears asking how to incorporate recently lost family members into her wedding day. David not only consoled the future bride, but turned her outlook on the day in a heartbeat with a personal approach. He provided ideas of how to celebrate those family members and make her wedding day special and celebratory. One of those ideas including creating a favor that was a recipe of a lost grandmother including her famous cookie and its recipe for each guest. It’s all about the journey.

Tutera was also promoting his recently released book “The Big White Book of Weddings: A How-to Guide for the Savvy, Stylish Bride”.  David talked about how his normal clientele does not represent 95% of the brides getting married, who cannot afford or do not want to hire a wedding planner. His book is designed to help those brides by providing the insight and wisdom he has gained since beginning his planning career at age 19. David backed up his words as he spent several minutes with each guest in a book signing event after the seminars. It was not sign, take a picture and good luck. David spent time with each guest and helped with little personal tidbits of advice throughout the night. His book has gotten extremely positive feedback so far from brides and it appears to be an easy, must read book that fits into the budget.

courtesy: Durocher Florist

Other panelists for “Modern Love” included Lynda K. Houghtaling of Details Wedding & Party Planning, Emily Anderson, writer and founder of Eco Chic Weddings and Eco Chic Home, and Bernadette Coveney Smith, whose company, 14 Stories, specializes in same-sex marriages. Houghtaling spoke about making and staying on a budget throughout the planning process. Anderson took guests in a direction I don’t think most expected with her green wedding philosophy. Her focus was not about using energy efficient light bulbs, as much as it was to not create waste after the wedding. The New York-based planner gave ideas like buying bridesmaids dresses that would be worn again, or purchasing china or wedding decor for the event that you could use in your home after the big day. Coveney Smith drew in a specific clientele as she spoke about the intricacies of same-sex weddings and many of the obstacles that come with planning this style of wedding. I got the chance to speak personally with Bernadette and came away impressed with the information and experience that she possessed.

For me, it was a good night to be around many of the area’s top vendors in a professional environment. David even took a few minutes of time for a few of us photographers and videographers talking about his experiences and offering a few tidbits of advice. It was a night well spent!


~ by jamiepod on February 16, 2010.

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